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Dewatering Plans & Permitting

The permitting of dewatering activities and drainage wells is a complicated process. Protect your
schedule by taking advantage of our past experience in obtaining over 1000 local dewatering related
approvals since 2012. Florida Civil will analyze your project and work with your team’s managers,
superintendents, architects, and engineers to develop a site-specific dewatering plan. The construction
dewatering plan will be based on the contractor’s intended means and methods and will include all the
essential elements required to obtain agency approvals including an environmental review of County
records to uncover any potential contamination issues which could delay and/or affect the approval
process. Our plans incorporate several elements which are often overlooked:

  • Dewatering permit packages and submittals
  • Temporary drainage well plans and details
  • Contaminated treatment systems Evaluation of the offsite impacts to existing structures
  • Dewatering calculations and estimations
  • Groundwater elevation monitoring plans
  • Sedimentation calculations and evaluation
  • Dewatered section drawings and details
  • Constructibility review